A Different Kind of Hearing Practice: The Rankin Way

Hearing Aid Services Near Jackson, MI

There is no time better than now to take that first step towards better hearing. When it comes to hearing aids and audiology services near the city of Jackson, Rankin Audiology is a practice you can trust.

As you work with one of the best hearing professionals in the industry, you will learn of new advancements in audiology and all the resources available to move you closer to better hearing and comprehension in noise.

We offer both behind the ear and in the ear models in a variety of styles and designs. We also have a wide selection of rechargeable hearing aids and high-quality batteries.

We will work with you to make the most appropriate selection for your budget and circumstances. During your consultation, we will gain a better understanding of your general health and audiology needs. We will then complete a hearing test and evaluation before working with you to select the most appropriate hearing aid for you.

If you are looking for hearing aid services near Jackson and surrounding areas, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to get started!

If you need assistance with Eargo, Walmart hearing aids, Audien, Invisible, etc., please call Dr. Rankin’s office at 734 433-0699. We can help.

Patient Reviews

Supurb service and highly professional. Wouldn’t trust my hearing with anyone else!

Chris M.

Patient Reviews

I have seen Dr. Rankin for 10 years, at this newer clinic and at her prior clinic. Her diagnostic skills, practical advice, and cheerful calm go a long ways.

Ingrid G.

Patient Reviews

I love, love, love my new hearing aids! Dr. Rankin listened to my complaints and my inability to adapt to certain types of hearing aides.

Patti T.
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